Wellness and Healing – Seven bath types

In addition to the deep relaxation that lingering longer in any of the Onsen Heaven spas induces, each of the seven different spas has a unique mineral composition to which specific healing properties are attributed. It is sure to make you feel even better, as you dip a toe in the waters. The unique feel on your skin of each spa will quickly tell you just how different they are.

The Cure Spa

KIZU NO YU (The Cure Spa)

Smooth your skin

Sodium, calcium and chloride give this water a gentle quality that will smooth your skin.

Loved by women of all ages for the smooth feeling it imparts, the mix is a like a tonic that revitalizes the skin. Your skin will glow if you start with a steam bath to open up the pores first.
Deep Healing
Excellent for the elderly and people rehabilitating, as well as for relieving rheumatism, damaged motor nerves, under-development and menopause.
The Healing Spa

IYASHI NO YU (The Healing Spa)

A healing touch

Sulphate gives this water a clarity that rivals the famous Karlsbad spa in the Czech Republic, known for its healing qualities.

A typical type of Noboribetsu hot-spring.High acidity is very effective for combating skin diseases caused by bacteria, or fungal problems such as athlete’s foot.Stimulates the blood and expands the blood vessels to improve the circulatory system.It is also said to be effective for rheumatic diseases and menopausal disorders.
Deep Healing
Recommended for treating wounds and paralysis. It is also eases high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and chronic skin diseases.
However, this water is very stimulating; you need to rinse with normal hot water after bathing if you have vulnerable skin.
The Heat Spa: Landscape bath

NETSU NO YU (The Heat Spa: Landscape bath)

Deep warmth for your body

The suspended sodium, calcium and chloride particles in the water gently coat the skin, filling the pores on skin’s surface and warming the body from deep within.

Hot-spring components spread over your skin,open the pores and improve your blood circulation, so that you don’t feel cold after bathing.It is also called the “Hot bath” or “warm bath”. Its temperature-promoting effect helps with rheumatism,neuralgia,and oversensitivity to cold.
Deep Healing
The coating characteristics make this water excellent for treating rheumatism, and providing relief for people who are sensitive to the cold.
The Panacea Spa

MANBYO NO YU (The Panacea Spa)

A universal cure-all

Mildly acidic water containing sulphur and iron oxides give this spa a reputation for relieving a wide range of health conditions. As this water is rather acidic, people with sensitive skin should rinse off in pure hot water after they get out of the bath.

If you want to choose just one spa, this is it. The mild acidity of the water offers a unique bathing experience that relaxes, refreshes and revives.
Deep Healing
One of the most remarkable hot springs in Noboribetsu, it is good for skin diseases including infections and athlete’s foot. It expands the blood vessels, helping to enhance both blood formation and circulation, and symptoms related to rheumatism and menopause.
The Demon Spa

ONI NO YU (The Demon Spa)

The ultimate recovery program

Sodium, calcium and chloride give this water a warming quality that is good for recovery from fatigue. A long soak is recommended after an active day in the outdoors.

The aged cypress this bath is made from mark it as special even before you get in. The Demon is directly piped from Hell Valley, and the extra degrees of warmth are recommended for giving a deep massage effect to tired muscles. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll be ready for another great day outdoors.
Deep Healing
Recommended for recovery from fatigue, bad circulation and reputedly heals cuts and skin burns. It also alleviates gynaecological diseases and diseases of the digestive organs.
The Beauty Spa

BIJIN NO YU (The Beauty Spa)

Pamper your skin

This gently alkaline water with sodium, calcium and magnesium pampers the skin.

The skin becomes smooth and stain-free.Effective against cuts,chronic skin diseases,neuralgia,and anemia.It has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic effects,and is effective against atopic allergies and nettle rash.
Deep Healing
This alkaline water washes away sebum, smoothing the skin. It is good for cuts, burns, skin diseases, neuralgia, and anaemia. It also relieves inflammation and allergies, so it recommended for soothing nettle rash and atopic dermatitis.
The Beautiful Skin Spa

BIHADA NO YU (The Beautiful Skin Spa)

Pamper your skin

One of the best sulphur springs in Noboribetsu, the notable odor comes from hydrogen sulfide.

Its expands the peripheral blood capillaries and improves the circulatory system.It makes the skin smooth. It is said to be effctive against arterial sclerosis, high blood pressure, chronic skin diseases,chronic women’s problems,and cuts.
Deep Healing
It expands the blood vessels, helping to enhance blood circulation and promote healthy skin. It is thought to ease cuts, hardening of the arteries, high blood pressure, chronic skin diseases, and chronic gynecological diseases.

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