Yu Festival and Hokkai Ideyu Daiko

We are pleased to announce the 46th Annual Noboribetsu Onsen Yu Festival! The Yu or hot water festival celebrates the naturally hot and mineral rich waters that supply our baths. It is a chance for us to express our thanks for their strength and power, and our wish that they continue to keep us healthy.

The Sengenku Battle takes place at 9pm on Februar 2nd. Young men dressed only in loincloths do battle in the cold with hot water in Sengen Park just across from our main entrance. As you can see from the photo of last year’s battle, it is well worth watching!

At Dai-ichi Takimotokan, we also thank the Yuden god who protects Noboribetsu Onsen for their help and protection this past year and ask them to support us again this year.

On February 4th, we will also hold the traditional drum show with Hokkai Ideyu Daiko. The drum show will start at 8pm so our guests have plenty of time to enjoy it before bundling up to go outside for the great Sengenku Battle.

In February, we will also celebrate Setsubun. On this day, we chase evil spirits away by throwing daizu out of our windows and doors. As we pelt them with the soy beans, we shout at them to send them on their way.

For a detailed schedule of events, please visit this page and see how to join us.

We look forward to sharing these very special festivities and other winter fun with you!

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