Your One Stop Shopping Experience

You have always known about the wonderful hot spring experience at Dai-ichi Takimotokan, and the grand buffet from the main dining hall, but what if you are up for a bit of… shopping? No worries. We have you covered!

In today’s world, the act of shopping is becoming more and more a form of entertainment. We no longer merely shop for necessities, but we have more disposable income to spend on things that make us happy. At Dai-ichi Takimotokan, we fully understand the various needs of our guests. That is why we have build the spacious Yunomachi Gift Shop. With its refined traditional Japanese design, Yunomachi stocks a great selection of local Noboribetsu and Hokkaido souvenirs, together with Original Takimotokan Goods.

Here are the top three all-time favorite souvenirs from the Yunomachi Gift Shop that you might want to give a try during your next visit.


Best Seller No. 1: Takimoto Gold Leaf Steamed Buns
This has been a guest favorite for as long as our staff can remember. They are steamed onsen buns with red bean paste and sweet chestnuts stuffed within, lavishly decorated with pieces of gold leaves on top.

Best Seller No. 2: Hokkaido Cheese Fish Cake
Using the best cheese originated from Hokkaido, these fish cakes make an authentic delivery of the Alaska pollock flavor. They come in bite size, and they are popular even for the little ones.

Best Seller No. 3: Takimoto Original Shitake Mushroom
These flavored Shitake Mushrooms are versatile in the kitchen, making dishes ranging from hand-rolled sushi to appetizers. Some people even eat these with only steamed white rice, and calls it a meal.

In addition, the town of Noboribetsu offers a wide range of shops and restaurants to choose from. Just a few steps away from our hotel, there is a newly opened “Sapporo Drug Store” that provides a good selection of medicine and beauty products.

So shop away like you wanted to.


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