Would You Like Sake With Your Meal?

We are happy to report that our visitors are already enjoying the summer meals we introduced earlier this month. The flavorful bounty of Hokkaido during this season is difficult to match, and it is our pleasure to share them. However, there is one important point we would like to mention now.

Delicious sake is an indispensable companion for delicious dishes.

We would like to introduce three recommended sakes that will be the perfect complement to our summer menu. Keep in mind, though, that the quantity is limited, so don’t be shy to order!

Taisetsu no Kura – Special Junmai Ginjo
This pure rice ginjo sake is made using Hokkaido-grown rice. Fermented for an extended period of time at a low temperature, Taisetsu no Kura has a particularly smooth taste.
3240 yen (including tax), 750 ml.
SMV (Sake Master Value) +3

Kokushi Muso Hokkaido Limited – Junmai Daiginjoshu
As a junmai daiginjoshu, this sake is made using a Hokkaido rice, Suisei, which is particularly well-suited for sake brewing. With an aroma reminiscent of pears, we think this sake’s gentle flavor is perfect for summer.
3564 yen (tax included), 720 ml
SMV +5 to +6

Ohorori Oobora – Junmai
Another very special brew, Ohorori Oobora is made entirely from Kirara 397, a sake rice grown in Shin-Shinotsu Village here in Hokkaido. It’s refreshing flavor is a true taste of our northern island, and one we think is very unique.
1296 yen (including tax), 300 ml
SMV +3

Kirara 397 first appeared around 1990 and proved to be revolutionary for Hokkaido rice farmers. Previously, it was difficult to grow our favorite national grain so far north in such cold weather, but this variety was the first variety to gain a reputation for its sweetness. It is now well-appreciated throughout the country, although it is still much loved here in its home.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this list of recommended sakes with our summer meals! Remember, quantities are limited, so please don’t hesitate!

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