Welcome to a Rollicking Summer Vacation with Takimaru!

Takimoto Summer Festival began on July 30th. There is a Children’s Fair and Waterfall Round Stamp rally and more. Every day the hotel is lively with memorable events for children and families. We also had one very special visitor. Here is Takimaru’s account of his visit.

maru taki elevator peeking
When I heard about the Summer Festival, I decided to make a surprise visit to Dai-ichi Takimotokan. It is one of my favorite places, especially in summer, because there is always something fun happening.

maru kun outside buffet
The delicious aromas from the buffet in the dining room were so inviting, but even though I had a wonderful view, I could not go in this time.

maru kun and children
But once the other children saw me, they came rushing out to greet me and make friends. I was so happy! Then I headed to…

maru kun checks out children's fair
…the Children’s Fair! When I saw it, I was amazed. It filled the lobby area and hallways, and looked like so much fun! I could hardly wait to get there.

maru kun tries shooting game
I tried some of the games and liked them, although the shooting game proved a bit challenging for me.

maru kun tries bowling
So I tried bowling! Regrettably, I did not get a strike.

maru kun cheers other bowlers
Even though I did not succeed, I stayed to support the other children after me. They seemed to be much better at it. I was so proud!

My visit was short, but thanks to everyone who said hello to me!



The Takimoto Summer Festival runs until August 15th. We are very sure Takimaru will visit again, so please look for him around the hotel and say hello. He will be happy to see you!

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