Try Our Original Wooden Sake Cup!

Starting on February 17, Dai-ichi Takimotokan now offers our guests a traditional sake cup decorated with our logo!

The hasshaku cup (140 ml) made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) is a form of sake cup also known as a masu. Originally used as a measuring cup during the Edo Period for important items such as rice, grains, and soy sauce, it became popular as a non-breakable drinking cup for festivals. Eventually, the cup caught on at izakaya (taverns) and is often still in use today.

We serve Chitosetsuru, a local Hokkaido sake, during mealtimes in your room, our banquet rooms, our buffet, at Yunosato, our restaurant, and even in the open-air bath. (JPY 950 + tax).

After enjoying the sake, we will give you a special souvenir bag so you can take your cup home with you. (Those using the special open-air bath tickets are not eligible.)

Guests can also find our house sake, Kinzo, on sale in the gift shop along with a Dai-ichi Takimotokan masu. (JPY 1,200 + tax) For those who want only to purchase the masu, they are available for JPY 500.

We also serve a selection of local Hokkaido sake at Ideyusoba, our on-site soba shop. Please come visit and try them in our new masu!

We hope you will enjoy this traditional way of drinking sake, and take the Dai-ichi Takimotokan masu home with you to remember this special time.

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