Three Christmas Trees

What kind of memories were made for everyone on Christmas Eve this year? We hope you were able to enjoy the day, and perhaps a White Christmas, too!

At Dai-ichi Takimotokan, we are lucky to have three Christmas trees. The first one stands in our lobby near the Reception desk. It is a little over three meters tall and is surrounded by cute snowmen. It is a favorite place for guests to take photos this time of year.

A second one is in Genshirin, one of our restaurants, where wagons loaded with gifts and wine invite you to come celebrate the season.

The third tree is near the entrance of Yukiguni, another of our restaurants. It is an elegant little tree with gold and red decorations. The many presents encircling it are just waiting for our guests to admire their pretty packaging.

Our Christmas Fair has ended for the year, and we are beginning to turn our attention to festivities for the New Year.

The first activity, though, will be our annual cleaning of our baths. All of our employees will come together to scrub and polish and give thanks for another lovely year together with you. Our local TV station will also be broadcasting a story about the cleaning. We hope you get to see it!

This will be our last blog post for the year, so we want to end with a word of thanks to all of you, our guests and friends. We are so glad you joined us here at Dai-Ichi Takimotokan, and we sincerely hope you can join us next year as we mark the 160th anniversary of our founding. We hope we can continue to bring joy to you and yours for many years to come and that the New Year brings you all the best!

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