The Perfect Vacation – Relax in True Japanese Fashion

Japanese hospitality is something you didn’t even know you needed until you’ve experienced it.


You’ve probably experienced hotels good and bad but when you stay in Takimoto, it really is an experience in it’s own class. Hospitality in Japan is like a national sport and very few do it as well as us.


From the moment you enter the lobby doors for check-in you will be greeted by our staff dressed in traditional Japanese robes, waiting to guide you to your room. As you walk in, slip off your shoes, and step onto the tatami mat floor for the first time, feeling the texture on the soles of your feet, it will be as if you stepped into an entirely new world.


In case you were wondering, tatami mat is a type of mat used as flooring material in Japanese-style rooms. Traditionally they are made using rice straw to form the core.


Once you’ve had a second to take the room in, you will be seated while our staff serves you a welcoming cup of green tea and our special onsen manju and explain to you the facilities, buffet times, how to use our onsen, and how to wear your yukata (yukata is like a casual version of the kimono and literally means, “bathing cloth”).


Now that you’ve had a chance to settle down and relax a bit, you can finally start your vacation and go visit the onsens and then enjoy our buffet or course meals.


Traveling up to your room from a relaxing day you might start to wonder where you will be sleeping since you didn’t see a bed. And sure, the tatami mat was exciting but sleeping directly on it?


Not so much.


This is where the cherry on top comes in. After dinner, we lay out your futons on the tatami mat floor! It’s like the whole trip you have little fairies watching over you, anticipating every move and making accommodations before you can even ask.


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