The Onsen Basics: Face Towels

There are certain unwritten rules that must be observed in a Japanese onsen. For example, wearing a swim suit is often not allowed in bath water; and another, showing tattoos is generally frowned upon by the Japanese public. Even the simple act of using a face towel is not without set customs.

For each guest, we prepare their yukata and face towel in the room closet. The designs on the towels are new this year. They feature our cute demon mascot, Takimaru-kun, and they come in five different colors. You will also find a matching amenity bag, which you can use for the face towel, as well as for bringing things like extra coins for that after-bath ice cream.

When you reach the changing area of the onsen, you will be able to find some big bath towels stocked on the shelf. That might confuse you. In fact, the bath towels are only to be used in the changing area, and the face towels are to be brought into the bath house with you. 

The basic uses of a face towel are as follows:
1. Use to wash your body in the shower
2. Use to wipe sweat when in the hot bath
3. Use to hide your body when walking from a bath to another
4. Use to dry off before stepping back into the changing area

One more thing to keep in mind is that a face towel should never be dipped inside the bath water. It is considered unsanitary, and Japanese people usually rest the towel on top of their head when taking a bath. Even if the towel accidentally drops into the water, you should always wring it out away from the bath.

After learning these onsen basics, time to use the face towel like an pro!


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