The Hokkaido Must-have Food Experience

20160520海鮮丼_sm This June, Genshirin Buffet and Yukiguni Buffet are introducing two seasonal treats from their selections: miso ramen and seafood rice bowl!

The miso ramen is flavored with miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans. The soup stock is thick and the flavor complex. This style is said to have originated in Hokkaido where the long cold winters influenced people to take a liking to a heartier type of ramen soup.

Our miso ramen comes hot from the stove. The chef boils the ramen noodles right in front of you, and then adds in miso soup stock with chashu pork on top. You may also add toppings of seaweed, sweet corn, and leeks to taste.

The seafood rice bowl is probably among the healthiest food you will encounter in Japan. It is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and protein. This is made possible in Hokkaido because of the abundance of fresh seafood we have here.

Once again, you get to choose your own toppings from a large variety of choices, including tuna, salmon, octopus, roe, etc. The specially prepared vinegar rice bowl will enhance the flavor of the seafood delicacies on offer. To cleanse your palette between each bite, we recommend traditional Japanese pickled ginger, Gari.

We hope you will enjoy these new dishes at our buffet. Stay tuned because we are sure to bring you more throughout summer!

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