Take the Best of Takimoto Home With You

IMG_3637The moon-shaped “Oni no Maru-zuki” has been the most popular gift set in our Yunomachi Gift Shop for over twenty years now as well as a favourite among our guests.

This traditional dessert is a type of Japanese sweet called Monaka that is typically made with azuki bean filling, sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers and often served with tea. In our set the bean jam and wafers come in two separate cans so you can create your own Monaka and adjust the amount of bean jam according to your personal taste. It also ensures it stays extra fresh and crispy.

The best way to eat Monaka, however, has to involve our special ice cream we introduced here this blog post a few weeks back: the Shiroi Koibito soft-serve. 

This is no doubt the best way one can enjoy a Monaka – while the wafers are crunchy and crispy, the ice cream is extra creamy and it dissolves beautifully on your tongue. On the other hand, it is not just a regular ice cream sandwich because the bean jam adds a whole new dimension of flavor! And now just imagine how it would taste when served with a warm pot of Japanese green tea…

During your next visit to Dai-ichi Takimotokan, do not hesitate to purchase our “Oni no Maru-zuki” set and try it with the Shiroi Koibito. Better yet, maybe grab another for your family and friends while you are at it, because good food is to be shared.



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