Summer Soba Time for Adults

School break has started for kids all around Japan, and we are wondering what great adventure is in the works?

We have room here at Dai-ichi Takimotokan during the fourth week of July, and some space left on August 10th, too. Please come for a visit!

Children are running everywhere at the moment, tired from swimming, playing games, riding bikes, and chasing each other in the heat. We think the adults, though, might be a little tired, too, watching and organizing all that activity.

We think we have the perfect solution. At Ideyu Soba on the basement level of our main building there are lovely homemade dishes and some tasty snacks that will help grown-ups recharge their summer batteries.

Cold beer in a frosty mug is waiting with …

…fresh edamame!

While most places in this area offer Muroran-style yakitori, which uses pork instead of chicken, we offer succulent pieces of chicken grilled to tender perfection that are the perfect pairing with that ice-cold beer.

We must also recommend scallops roasted in the shell with butter and soy sauce as another favorite treat that tastes best here in Hokkaido where it is freshest. Then there are the sweet omelettes, oden, and buttery corn all fresh from the nearby farms and that will undoubtedly satisfy the hungriest among our guests!

Late summer afternoons, though, call for a classic favorite: cold soba with tempura!

The staff at our little soba shop, by the way, are members of the Hokkai Ideyu Daiko group who play for us at different times throughout the year. Like their drumming, we think their soba noodles are some of the best!

This summer seems to be very hot, so please eat and drink a lot to keep your energy up! We look forward to seeing you here!

Ideyu Soba
11:30am – 2pm
8:30pm – 12am (Last Order 11:45pm)

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