Summer Set Menu Ready!

Our Summer Set Menu became available on June 1. We hope you enjoy this selection of some of the best summer has to offer in Hokkaido!

Special Meal
This set includes simmered Yanagi no Mai (Yellow Body Rockfish), which is popular in Hokkaido and Gyu-nabe (beef hotpot) boiled with our special broth.

Deluxe Meal
Guests can enjoy seven appetizers such as Anago Suisho-Yose (jellied conger eel) and Kisu Tsutsumi-Age (fried sillaginoid) wrapped in pumpkin and grilled Tokachi beef on a hot plate as a main dish. The beef is served with our special sauce made using May Queen potatoes, a variety ideal for mashing and pureeing, grown in Assabu, Hokkaido.

Takimoto Gozen
A meal fit for an emperor, the Takimoto Gozen features crab from the Sea of Okhotsk paired with Tosa vinegar that perfectly balances its buttery flavor. Baked Kinki fish and summer vegetables topped with uni (sea urchin) are served alongside an assortment of saba (mackerel) sushi from Matsumae, a former castle town on Hokkaido’s southernmost tip.

*Please note that the contents of the menu may change slightly depending on what is available throughout the season.

Other items on our menu can also be viewed on the Dai-ichi Takimotokan website, so please take a look and see what other delights we have on hand for your visit!

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