Strolling in the Rain

umbrella1 Residents of Hokkaido are traditionally lucky for the lack of a rainy season in the region. Last week however, there was nothing but rain in Noboribetsu. The temperature has also experienced a sudden drop to 15 ℃ after the rain, quite the contrast from the hot sunny days in May. It feels as if time has gone backwards!

But nothing will stop us for a nice stroll in the onsen town, is there? That is why Dai-ichi Takimotokan is offering the special umbrella rental service. Above is how the umbrellas are arranged at the front entrance. Even for those who didn’t come prepared, they’ll be able to have a good time strolling around.

The umbrellas are small and lightweight. They are easy to carry and goes nicely onto your arm. It is perfect for a walking tour around the onsen town, which normally takes about 30 minutes.

umbrella2 One umbrella from the bunch appears to have very different design from the rest: lime green in color and it carries a cute “demon” icon. This is the Town Umbrella provided by Noboribetsu Tourist Association.

The association suggests that “Onsen town and nature attractions such as Hell Valley will have some atmospheres even in the rain.” Do not let the rain stop you from exploring. Just pick up an umbrella and head out!!

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