Spring Set Menu

March has arrived here in Noboribetsu, and every day the sunlight gets a little warmer and warmer. When the temperature rises above freezing, we know that Spring is getting closer and closer.

The turning of the season also means that our Spring Set Menu is ready! Spring Noodles is our theme, and from March 1st we began featuring it for our room meals, in our banquet rooms, and in Yunosato, our restaurant.

Takimoto Gozen is our chef’s recommended best menu and is available in your room or a banquet room.

Our appetizer of steamed Tokachi beef set alongside colorful seasonal vegetables is followed by a variety of dishes such as hairy crab. It ends with a perfectly sweet strawberry Mont Blanc for a final bit of cheer.

We do recommend reserving ahead of time. The contents of the menu may change somewhat depending on what is available.

Please come and join us for a lovely taste of late Spring in Hokkaido with these colorful dishes. We would love to share the delights of the season with you!

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