Spring Festival is Blooming Along

At the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo the other day, the Somei Yoshino cherry tree has finally bloomed. It is exciting to think there will be a cherry blossom snowstorm arriving next month!

Meanwhile, in Hokkaido, we have a real snowstorm. In Noboribetsu, we usually don’t receive much snow, however, it is not unusual to have it continue through March. Even as I write, it is steadily snowing outside. I can hardly wait for the Spring flowers to arrive.

Luckily, at Dai-ichi Takimotokan, Spring is already underway!

Our Blooming Spring Fair began on March 18th, the first of three consecutive holidays, so we were able to welcome many customers. Thank you so very much to everyone who visited us.

We decorate the festival using spring flowers as our motif. Because the image of cherry blossoms is the most popular, other spring flowers have not been given as much consideration. As a result, we decorated the hall with colorful flower decorations. Here are a few that we would like to share with our future guests.

This is the entrance of the buffet venue, Genshirin and Yukiguni . Yellow, orange and green cheerfully greet our guests. The second photo shows a colorful array of flowers arranged in a wooden cart made by the wood craftsman of the hotel for our Autumn Harvest Festival. It is so very perfect, so we thought to use it this time as well.

Next is another one.

This is a sign attached to the special menu for Spring, and we think the flower decorations on the plate below are perfect symbols for the new season. We have only introduced a few decorations this time, but we hope you like them.

Our gift shop, Yunosato, and the Hamanasu Lounge are also decorated with the same theme. Please take a look when you come and enjoy these early signs of Spring inside Dai-ichi Takimotokan. The Spring Festival runs only until May 31st.

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