Soft Serve at its Best, Made in Hokkaido

Soft serve is a popular item all across Japan. You can enjoy a ray of different flavors ranging from the traditional matcha flavor in Kyoto to some of the more novel variations like the lavender flavor found in Furano. Starting February this year, Dai-ichi Takimotokan brings to you two of the best flavors that showcase Hokkaido specialties in its Hamanasu Lounge.

One of the best known luxury fruits in Japan has to be the cantaloupe from Yubari city. Just last year, a pair of the famous Yubari King cantaloupes were auctioned for more than twelve thousand dollars, and the average price for a regular Yubari cantaloupe still falls between sixty to a hundred dollars. It is often praised for its perfect proportions, vibrant orange color and succulent flavoring. If you are not in the mood to spend serious cash on a piece of melon, our soft serve might just be the next best thing.

Created by NISSEI, the company that originally brought soft serve into Japan, their Yubari melon flavor is an authentic replica of the real deal. When you take a bite into the ice-cream, you will instantly get a hit of the melon aroma as well as the juicy texture. The flavor is refreshing. It is sweet but not overbearing. Maybe you will even find yourself wanting more after a cone.

For those who have room for more, we recommend the mixed flavor of Yubari melon and Shiroi Koibito white chocolate. Because of the abundant produce of quality dairy in Hokkaido, white chocolate is another specialty here. The original sweet “Shiroi Koibito” is a sandwich cookie with white chocolate in between and it has been a local favorite for the past 30 years.

So come by to our Hamanasu Lounge and grab a cone – or two. Always treat yourself.



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