Remodel Finished and Ready for Visitors!

On Saturday, July 14 we officially finished our remodeling and opened the East Building for guests!

While we love our traditional Japanese-style rooms, we also know that many of our guests also enjoy the comforts of our Western-style rooms. We hope that in these freshly remodeled spaces you will be able to relax and enjoy time with special people in your life.

We are also very excited to announce that we now have Wanchan (Dog) Suites available for those who like traveling with their pets. Many people enquired about this kind of service, so we will share some more details about it here.

The Wanchan Suite is located on the second floor, so visitors can enjoy the view of the courtyard and the signs of the season in a pleasant atmosphere. We removed the wall between two smaller rooms to create a spacious tatami mat room with two Simmons’ semi-double beds. We have also included a Wanchan sofa, so our four-footed guests will also have a comfortable place of their own after a long journey.

For even more details, please visit our website and make a reservation to visit. The first 160 guests who reserve a Wanchan Suite via our website will receive an Organic Doggy Treat as a thank you gift!

Of course, we are also happy to take reservations via the website from guests traveling without their pets. Please click the red Online Booking button in the top right corner of the screen and find out about other special offers, too!

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