Rakugo, the Fallen Words II

13292785_10153629268061868_1100159666_n As we have previously illustrated in this post, rakugo is one of the most traditional forms of entertainment in Japan. About a week ago, we were fortunate enough to have Master Sanshoutei Yumemaru and Master Yonekichi Katsura at Dai-ichi Takimotokan to put on the best show Japanese comedy has to offer.

This show is part of the grand tour called “Ikina-Kutsurogitei Tei”. To promote and develop rakugo art, the rakugo association has organized comedians to perform in hot spring resorts across Japan. The idea is that rakugo, just like the well known onsen culture, can fully heal and revitalize guests who stay at the hotels.

To think that laughter can heal the soul, they were not wrong! Through out the performance, roars of laughter rocked our ballroom. More than 70 audience members were moving like one. Even for guests from overseas, they were able to overcome the language barriers because humor was accomplished both verbally and non-verbally.

If you have missed this performance, not to worry. We will be hosting two more similar events in the upcoming months and we have sure saved you a front row seat.

Future Performances:
2016.08.26 (FRI)
2016.11.12 (SAT)

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