Perfect Hot Weather Food: Oroshi Sirloin

Summer with all its heat and humidity has finally arrived. Until just a few days ago, we could say the weather was cool, but not anymore. Even though it is hot enough that all we really want to do is simply lie down, we also want to savor them while they last. After all, summer in Hokkaido is short.

Starting in August we will offer this classic rejuvenating summer lunch menu: Oroshi Sirloin Steak.

Takimoto Daiichi Oroshi Sirloin Oroshi Sirloin served with grilled Manganji pepper and green beans (The set includes rice, soup, and salad for1,000 yen)

A tender beef sirloin steak topped with a cool helping of oroshi daikon (grated daikon) is a fitting and refreshing dish for this hot season. The meat provides the energy and stamina we need for these hot days, while the daikon balances out any oils and helps with digestion.

The green pepper next to the steak is Manganji pepper also known as the King of Peppers, and is one of our favorites. A Kyoyasai or Kyoto vegetable, the Manganji Pepper is an heirloom variety prized for its thick, flavorful flesh that grills up nicely but maintains its shape and crunch. While it resembles its spicier cousin, the shishito, the Manganji has no heat at all. It does, though, have plenty of vitamin A, which helps stave off colds and is rumored to have anti-aging properties. Most importantly, it makes a perfectly delicious companion to the juicy sirloin.

Come enjoy this hearty taste of summer in Hokkaido!

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