Osechi Ryori: The Refined New Year’s Experience

In Japan, people celebrate New Year in style with the tradition meal: Osechi Ryori. These luxurious “bento” boxes are carefully compartmentalized and extravagantly displayed. It can be presented as a beautiful centerpiece for the New Year’s dinner party.

Osechi comes in stacked boxes with the dishes arranged by color or cuisine. It is popular these days to include westernized dishes along side traditional Japanese selections. Also, it is commonly believed that eating Osechi brings good fortune in the new year. Some traditional Japanese dishes to include are: Kuri Kinton, sweet chestnuts stewed in syrup, which has a vibrant golden color that symbolizes wealth; Kobumaki, fish kelp roll, which is a word that rhymes with happiness (yorokobu); Kazunoko, herring roe, which is associated with the wish for children.

While Japanese housewives traditionally prepare Osechi at home, in recent years, Osechi is also sold ready-made from major hotels and department stores. Orders can start flying in as early as the end of October. A set of Osechi usually contains three to four servings – perfect to be shared in a family.

Takimoto Kan takes Osechi orders up until the 20th of December. If you live within the Hokkaido region, pick up that phone and get our Osechi delivered to you on New Year’s Eve!

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