New Souvenir Stamps

Do you know Souvenir Stamps? In addition to hotels and inns, train stations and museums also sometimes create these kinds of stamps to help people remember their visit. They are very popular!

Here at Dai-ichi Takimotokan, we also have a souvenir stamp. However, we recently made two new ones!

There are two kinds. They are about 10cm x 10cm and is our large stamp. Our old stamp would be pressed into an ink pad. The stamp then was a relief of the picture. This time, though, we adopted a different kind, which lets the ink penetrate into the main body for a very nice effect.

We recommend trying it out on the special stamp paper we have here at the hotel.

This time we have one stamp that shows Takimaru-kun and another that shows Dai-ichi Takimotokan from Jigokudani. The trick to getting a nice picture is to push firmly from directly above.

The stamps and the stamp paper can be found in our lobby. Please try them out and take it home with you as a special kind of souvenir. If you happen to collect this kind of stamp, we hope you consider adding it to your collection!

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