New Noodles for Summer

It’s hot. Temperatures are climbing ever higher, and recently, they reached 30 degrees across the whole island of Hokkaido. On days like that, the only thing you want is something cold and refreshing near at hand. At the very least, many people are looking forward to a cold beer after work.

To help alleviate some of the heat, our ramen shop, Aji Jiman, came up with a summer ramen. What is summer ramen, you ask? Well, here it is!

Shrimp Chili Ramen is as special as it sounds. This soy sauce-based ramen with spicy shrimp is so tasty you will forget the heat outside. Apparently, this ramen has been around for some time, but it is rare to find it on a shop menu. The number of different types of ramen is simply amazing to ponder.

These cooked shrimp are rather spicy, and definitely, very delicious. The chili sauce, of course, is a good pairing, but when we asked Aji Jiman’s ramen master why he chose a soy sauce-based soup for this dish his answer was simple.

“Soy sauce is most compatible with shrimp.”

But wait! There is one more noodle dish to tell about!

This one also uses chili shrimp, but in a different way…

This satisfying set offers hungry visitors a full bowl of ramen with steamed gyoza and shrimp chili smothered rice on the side. In many ways, ‘ramen + rice’ is a standard ramen shop set, but we think that combining it with the shrimp chili rice is pure genius. Choose from four different types of ramen, and then get ready to tuck in to a great summer treat! (Only 1,000 yen with tax!)

Please try one of these dishes when visiting us in Noboribetsu. Remember, too, the Yu-Lunch Ticket is one ingredient for a great day or even a relaxing evening! Please join us to rest and escape the heat!

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