New Brochure

In mid-April, the days became warm enough that it finally feels as though Spring will come. If the warm temperatures remain, the sakura (cherry blossoms) will soon follow. If the timing matches well with your visit, you may be able to see the sakura over the course of a few days!

One of the great pleasures of travel are the souvenir brochures and pamphlets collect on vacation. They make a wonderful souvenir and memory to share with friends and family when you return. We would also like to announce the arrival our newest one!

Some of our guests may feel it is a little bit familiar. This Spring, we changed the familiar red cover to white, and so it was born again!

The earlier version was a booklet with more than 20 pages of readable text, but this time we changed it into a rectangular shape that easily expands and packs up easily.

However, we must say that as we reviewed the information and photos of the earlier version, we could not help but be deeply impressed by the long history of Dai-ichi Takimotokan.

Of course, this new version offers plenty of detailed information about Dai-ichi Takimotokan, including our beloved public bath. We also plan to offer more detailed information on our official website.

Please do note that some information may differ between the pamphlet and the website. Please be patient as we work on the remodeling of our facility, especially as this affects the spa and the number of rooms.

Meanwhile, though, the new brochure is available at travel agencies and, of course, in our hotel lobby. We hope you find it useful as you plan your next trip and as you preserve the memories of your current one.

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