Mizumanju: A Perfect Summer Sweet

mizumanju portrait large Dai-ichi Takimotokan guests will find a special summer treat in their rooms. Mizumanju, a steamed bun made from agar with sweet adzuki bean at its center, is a traditional dessert served in the warm summer months. The smooth outer shell is kanten, a natural gelatin made from algae, discovered in the mid-1600’s in Japan that quickly became a popular dessert ingredient. Together with the dense bean center mizumanju perfectly pairs with a cool glass of green tea.

mizumanju bag How to Eat Mizumanju

Open each package from the top using the little notch.

separating individual bags Take out the little packages and separate them.

opening individual bag Turn the little package over and pull apart the seams at the bottom or wider end.

squeezing out mizumanju Using both hands, gently push up from the bottom so that the mizumanju emerges partially from the package. (This keeps your hands from getting sticky and allows the sweet to maintain its shape. The outer shell can become fragile as it warms.)

**Keep the mizumanju cool in the refrigerator until you’re ready to eat it.**

gift shop mizumanju Guests can also take this unique summer treat home by visiting our gift shop. Mizumanju are available in packages of six or twelve pieces.

We hope you enjoy this special taste of summer in Japan!

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