May Lunch: Grilled Sagari in Onion Sauce

The first of May brought sakura (cherry blossoms) to almost every part of Hokkaido. Here in Noboribetsu, the pink blossoms wave in the wind and sun. The phrase now on everyone’s lips, though, here in Hokkaido is “Ohanami means Genghis Khan!”

Indeed, hanami (cherry blossom viewing) up here is equated with a Genghis Khan (barbeque), and people are gathering to enjoy the blossoms and grilled delights everywhere we look. So this month we thought our Lunch Special should reflect our special Hokkaido Hanami tradition!

Grilled Sagari in Onion Sauce with Hache Parmantier

Sagari is a cut of beef from the rib-side of the diaphragm. Tender and rich in flavor, our chef slow cooks it at a low temperature to draw out the taste. It is finished on the grill with a scent reminiscent of charcoal. It is surely a taste of this special season and blends well with the onion sauce.

Hache Parmentier, a standard dish for French home-cooked meals, combines cheese and ground beef with creamy mashed potatoes. The name comes from the French term for minced (hache), and Antoine-August Parmentier, the 19th century Frenchman who encouraged his countrymen to grow and eat potatoes. Bon appetit!

Served with soup, rice or bread for 1,000 yen, tax included.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole with Semi-dried Tomatoes

A classic Italian pasta dish infused with briny clams, garlic, and white wine. The clams, though, this time are a tasty challenge! Our chef decided to add some homemade dried tomatoes with the pasta. When vegetables are dried, the flavor is condensed, and so the tomato becomes a refreshing accent here. We think it is a perfect spring weather dish!

We should also mention that we also included Hawk’s Claw Togarashi (Japanese hot peppers) with the tomatoes. Those who don’t like hot things should take care!

Served with soup and salad for 1,000 yen, tax included.

If you enjoy cherry blossoms, onsen, and tasty food, please stop by! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Grilled Sagari in Onion Sauce with Hache Parmantier
(Set meal includes soup, salad and rice or bread)
1,000 yen including tax

Spaghetti Alle Vongole with Semi-dried Tomatoes
(Set meal includes bread, soup and salad)
1,000 yen including tax


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The Yu-Lunch Ticket, a set of bathing and onsen tickets, is also now available for 2,500 yen (tax included).
**Please be advised that during special holiday times, the Yu-Lunch Ticket may not be available.
Please note that this ticket will not be available on May 3,4, and 5.

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