March Lunch Special: Hokkaido Beef

A spring storm is making its way over Japan leaving rain and cold weather in its wake. Here in Noboribetsu, though, it gave us a fresh coating of snow that now decorates our whole landscape as well as roads and cars.

Even as the temperature continues to hover around zero degrees Celsius and we are still buried in snow, I can’t help but feel that Spring is somewhere just around the corner.

Over at Takimoto Inn, we found we simply could not wait, so we came up with these two lunch specials for March.

Hokkaido Beef and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Our first dish is a cut of thigh from Hokkaido cattle along with creamy mashed potatoes, and a flavorful sauce of maitake, a deeply flavorful mushroom also known as Hen in the Woods. It is 1,000 yen with tax and includes rice, bread, soup, and salad.

Served on top of the creamy mashed potatoes, the juicy cutlet of meat pairs perfectly with the rich sauce featuring sweet onions and browned mushrooms. This Western-style meal is also a perfect match for rice. Takimoto Inn’s chef loves rice and always tries to create something that will pairs well with it. We all agree that this dish hit the mark!

Fried Sea Bream Chili Sauce with Grilled Ham and Cheese

For those who would like something a little bit lighter, we are serving up our special version of a grilled cheese sandwich with fried sea bream chili sauce. With soup and salad, it costs 1,000 yen with tax.

This home-style sandwich combines delightfully with our chef’s original chili sauce. Asian in style, the sauce is zesty with capers and anchovies. The hot sandwich has plenty of ham and raclette cheese, a traditional hard Swiss cheese made from cow’s milk, that melts deliciously for a delectable treat.

Please come join us and our chef for this month’s delightful meals! The menu will run from March 1 to March 31.

Hokkaido Beef and Creamy Mashed Potatoes
(Set meal includes rice, soup, and salad)
1,000 yen including tax
※ Bread may be substituted for rice.

Fried Sea Bream Chili Sauce with Grilled Ham and Cheese
(Set meal includes bread, soup and salad)
1,000 yen including tax


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The Yu-Lunch Ticket, a set of bathing and onsen tickets, is also now available for 2,500 yen (tax included). 
**Please be advised that during special holiday times, the Yu-Lunch Ticket may not be available.

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