Let’s Enjoy Winter!

The celebrations of New Year’s and the vacations are over. Now, we are getting back to every day life.

However, here at Dai-Ichi Takimotokan, we are already preparing for the next fun thing!

In our souvenir shop, Yunomachi, there are some wonderful demons who simply cannot wait for Setsubun! This special holiday always occurs exactly one day before the beginning of Spring in Japan according to the old Japanese lunar calendar. This year, it will be on Saturday, February 3. On this day, people throw roasted daizu (soybeans) from their doors and windows while saying the words: “Out with evil! In with good fortune!” Doing so prevents evil ogres or devils from entering the home, which leaves plenty of room for good things to enter.

The demons of Noboribetsu Onsen, though, are gentle and bring happiness. At Yunomachi you can see them for yourself and even find one to invite home with you such as…

young demons resting on cushions…

…hand-carved, wooden demons…

…and demons made from cloth…

Some demons even appear in a variety of colors!

While other demons look like tigers!

Maybe one even resembles our Takimaru-kun?!?

And some of his favorite demon snacks!

The annual Noboribetsu Onsen Yu Festival (Hot Spring Festival) will be held on Saturday, February 3 and Sunday, February 4. The demons have been waiting a long time to visit the city, and during the festival they will emerge from Jigokudani and bring good fortune with them! Like humans, they are grateful for the hot water that comes from deep underground, and so we look forward to meeting them and offering our wish for everyone’s continued happiness.

Even though the festival is held outdoors, please enjoy it without getting chilled. If you return to Dai-Ichi Takimotokan, head straight to the baths to get warm again and enjoy the mineral-rich waters for yourself! We still have some rooms available for that weekend, so please come join us!

Just after the Noboribetsu Yu Festival is the famous Sapporo Snow Festival! Head over to Oh-dori Park where giant statues of snow and ice will appear starting Monday, February 5. The fantastic images will be lit up at night, too. This festival is unique to Sapporo and makes for a magical winter time!

Along with the Noboribetsu Yu Festival and the Sapporo Snow Festival, the Tenth Annual K-Pop Festival will also be held. Tapping your toes to all that good music will also help keep you warm!

So many unique Hokkaido winter events! Please come and enjoy them all! We look forward to seeing you here!

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