Join Us For Onsen, Taiko, and Rakugo!

We are excited to announce our latest event! Join us while the Onsen Caravan of Rakugo visits. Rakugoka (traditional storytellers) will regale you with tales that will make you laugh, and in between you can relax and enjoy the hot springs at Dai-ichi Takimotokan.

Storytellers from the East and West will be here!

We will first introduce a rakugoka from the East. Yujaku Sanutei received the Grand Prize for Hanagata Entertainment sponsored by the Japan Arts Council in 2007.

And from the West, we will introduce Somejaku Hayashiya, the winner of the 2017 Public Performance Excellence Award from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Please enjoy the rakugo performances offered by these two wonderful storytellers!

We are also planning to offer a taiko drum show of Hokkai Ideyu Daiko.

Please expect to hear them at full volume in the evening!

Hokkai Ideyu Daiko will perform each evening starting at 8:10pm, and rakugo will start at 8:30pm. Both performances will be on the 4th floor of the main building.

We also want to mention that Spring is a little bit unpredictable in Hokkaido, and so if the weather is very cold and rainy, we will prepare blankets for people to use in the venue. Don’t be afraid to ask one of our staff to help you!

We look forward to seeing you here soon and enjoying these traditional arts together!

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