Introducing Our Yumori

Ever since our founder, Kinzou Takimoto, watched his wife’s health improve as she took the waters of Noboribetsu nearly 160 years ago, Daiichi-Takimotokan has been a place of refuge, healing, and community. Over the years, we have grown in order to welcome more and more guests who soak in the hot waters of our many different kinds of baths.

Yet, one person working behind the scenes, traditionally makes this possible – the Yumori.

Our current Yumori is Arukimachi-san. Now in his thirties, Arukimachi learned his craft from his predecessor before taking over the primary role five years ago. The Yumori’s is responsible for maintaining and managing the temperature and flow of water for an onsen.

Arukimachi’s surname is very rare, but some people may have spotted it in various magazines in the past few years. Most recently, Arukimachi has been featured in HO, a popular Hokkaido tourist magazine.

Water for the baths comes from seven different sources, but the main one is pictured above. The water is about 60 degrees Celsius when it arrives, so this room is always very hot and humid. Some days it feels like a sauna!

Each morning, Arukimachi offers salt, water, and rice to the source in thanks for its gift of warm, healing water.

The Yumori learns to work with nature. The temperature of the water can drop due to heavy rain or snow, and strong winds can also cause it to fluctuate. The Yumori must keep careful track of any changes and adjust the flow of water in order to ensure the baths maintain their temperature and mineral balance.

Please look for Arukimachi in the halls and say hello to this important behind-the-scenes staff!

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