In Hopes of Spring


Between our two lives
is the vivid life
of the cherry blossoms.
– Matsuo Bashō, Japanese Haiku


In Japan, the four seasons of a year are quite distinct. Japanese culture is deeply rooted in the changing of seasons, which is celebrated in many traditional art forms, like Haiku. In recent years, people celebrate seasonal changes by eating the food in season, and by choosing the appropriate colors to wear.

This is no different for us in Takimoto-kan. Every season, we prepare with the best selected ingredients an exclusive menu for our In-room Dining and Yunosato Gourmet Restaurant. You’ll find many spring flavors and colors on the table, ranging from fresh bamboo shoots to the rapeseed blossoms.

Spring is a great season to be traveling to Japan. You will be able to enjoy the new green on many trees as well as the viewing of cherry blossoms. We have already been receiving reservations that are 3 to 5 months away. If you’re also looking to take a trip next spring, do not hesitate!


Here are also some behind-the-scenes photos.
You can see our cameraman busy at work:




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