How to Wear a Yukata

Staying in a Japanese ryokan is definitely a uniquely wonderful experience but if you’ve never stayed in one before, you might have a few questions.


One thing you will notice as you enter the world of Takimotokan is the outfit. It may seem strange at first but in ryokans, it is normal for guests to roam around in a yukata. These are traditional Japanese bathrobes designed for comfort and relaxation and it’s provided for you during your stay with us.


Don’t worry. You are welcome to wear your own clothes during your stay in Takimotokan too. However, if you wanted to immerse yourself in the experience and change into our yukatas provided, here are 3 simple tips on how to wear it.


  1. A yukata goes over your underwear. While we understand the temptation to be completely naked underneath for maximum comfort, yukata is not meant to be the only thing you wear.

  2. Left over right. When putting on your yukata, make sure you wrap the left side over the right side so that the right side is hidden.

  3. Tie the sash around your waist. This one is pretty obvious but after you’ve properly wrapped yourself in the yukata, tie the sash around your waist to keep it in place. There’s no right or wrong way to tie it but for a little fashion tip, move the knot over to the side of your waist after tying it.


Okay! Now get out there and enjoy the ryokan while looking great. But don’t worry if you don’t remember all this, our staff will kindly help you if you have any questions during your stay.



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