Harvest Festival at the Autumn Buffet!

The time has come to celebrate the taste of Autumn.

Beginning September 17th until the end of October, our Autumn Buffet will feature the best of this season. You can see examples of some of our regional specialities before going on to sample them and see why they are so special.

september-26-veg-basket Our chefs make the most of the harvest in a variety of ways. Here are a few of our favorites!

Kinoko Gohan combines four different mushrooms with rice for a fragrant and satisfying dish.

september26-kinoko-rice Vegetable Cocotte draws out the flavors of autumn vegetables by slow-roasting them to tender perfection.

september26-vegcoccotte Sobagome blends whole buckwheat grains with rice and seasonal vegetables for a hearty soup that is a perfect complement to the cooler temperatures outside.

september26-sobagohan The Harvest Festival runs until October 31st, so please come and enjoy the flavor of the season with us!

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