Grab a Bowl While It’s Hot!

aji2 In our last blog entry, we have briefly touched on the Hokkaido must-have food experiences. Perhaps it would have piqued your interest in trying some of the local delicacies when you visit. Well you’re in luck! Dai-ichi Takimotokan houses a delicious miso ramen shop, Aji-jiman, right inside the ryokan that we will introduce today.

The name of our ramen shop literally translates to “Pride in the Flavor”. Having been established since year 1958, the family-run Aji-jiman has every reason to feel proud. The ramen noodles from the shop are made entirely from wheat grown in Hokkaido, and each soup stock has been modified with secret ingredients. For instance, instead of using sugar in the curry soup base, the chef has chosen to add milk cocoa powder to blend the complex flavors.

Here are some summer specials that Aji-jiman has created for our guests:

aji3 “Chilled Noodles Set”
Chilled noodles, dumplings, and crab rice bowl – JPY 1,000

aji4 “Shave Ice Set”
Red miso ramen, and strawberry shaved ice – JPY 1,000

So come on down to Aji-jiman this summer. Grab a bowl of miso ramen while it’s hot, and have some shaved ice to stay cool!

***** Aji-jiman Ramen Shop *****
【HOURS】 11:30~14:00, 20:30~24:00 (L/O: 15 minutes before closing)
【MENU】 Miso Ramen – JPY 850, Curry Ramen – JPY 850, etc.

Dai-ichi Takimotokan, Noboribetsu-onsen, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido, Japan 059-0595
Tel. +81-143-84-2111

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