Detox Water Bar Appears

At the breakfast bar at Dai-ichi Takimotokan’s buffet dining room, Genshirin and Yukiguni, our new detox water bar appeared.

What is detox water?

Detox water is water in which fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs are immersed for several hours. During that time, the water absorbs some of the flavors and nutrients. No extra flavors or sweeteners are added, and vitamins that are often lost during cooking remain available. The fresh ingredients can also be eaten as a tasty snack!

Also, as the name suggests, there is also a detoxifying effect. The various ingredients, on their own and in combination, help flush toxins from the body. For women who are particularly interested in beauty, detox water is a favorite.

So far, we have prepared four kinds of detox water.

They are as follows in the photo:

• Awakening: Lemon, orange, and grapefruit
• Easy Digestion: Carrot, apple, and celery
• Stress Relief: Mint, cucumber, strawberry, blueberry, etc.
• Immune System Boost: Komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) and grapefruit

Each water carries a slight hint of the taste of its ingredients and has a refreshing aftertaste. There is not the slightest hint of bitterness, so children will enjoy it, too.

Please come and try some during the morning buffet in Genshirin and Yukiguni.

**Please note that our detox water bar is only available in the buffet dining room during breakfast and not in our restaurant, Yunosato.

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