December Lunch: Diced Sirloin Steak

December has finally arrived, and it’s cold! Even though it happens every year, it is always a little bit of a surprise. The wind cuts like ice, and while it is a beautiful time of year, it is also easy to catch a cold. Please take good care of yourself!

Inspired by the cold wind, we came up with a very special lunch this month at Takimoto Inn. We think it will help keep you warm!

Diced Sirloin Steak
A delectable slice of sirloin is served on an iron plate with a side of meaty broth for dipping. The steak is medium cooked, so it is easy to eat the moment it arrives and stays tender throughout the meal. Of course, it becomes even more delicious as it continues gently cooking on your personal grill. We used a Japanese-style sauce to create a unique taste. Together with seasonal yams and grilled leeks that become sweeter as they grill, this is a dish sure to please.
Served with rice, soup, and salad, the dish is 1,000 yen.

Turkey Doria
With Christmas just around the corner, we couldn’t resist the idea of offering something with a little bit of turkey. Under a thick layer of melted cheese are delectable bites of turkey. A bit more elastic than chicken and with its own unique flavor, it is a hearty dish right from our ovens for an early taste of the holiday!
Served with soup, the Turkey Doria is 800 yen.

The chef tells us that he chose this month’s menu out of a desire to convey plenty of warmth at the beginning of this cold season. We hope you enjoy these lunch dishes and the remaining days of 2017!

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