Buffet Shrimp Tempura are Bigger!

What is your favorite tempura? Most Japanese people would answer shrimp, but tempura changes throughout the year. Whatever is being harvested from the fields is what we use. Originally made by Spanish and Portuguese missionaries living in southern Japan in the sixteenth century, the Japanese added the dipping sauce and grated daikon. (The daikon is said to help with digestion.) Now, though, tempura is a well-loved and thoroughly Japanese dish served in the finest of restaurants to home kitchens everywhere.

At Daiichi Takimotokan, tempura is a favorite part of our buffet, but recently, there’s been a big change. Starting today, we are serving large shrimp!

shrimptempuratakimotokan01 Now, that’s a big shrimp! Our stomachs are growling…
But maybe there should be another photo for comparison.

シン:エビテン The big shrimp, though, will only be available for a limited time, so don’t wait!

Snow fell steadily since yesterday evening in Noboribetsu, although it changed to rain this morning. Most of it has melted now, but soon it will be winter. So, come join us for this special treat and stay warm as winter approaches!

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