Birth of a Sommelier

About two years ago, Dai-ichi Takimotokan decided to offer our full support to staff who might be interested in becoming qualified to as sommeliers for all kinds of alcohol, including wine, sake, shochu, and whiskey.

As a result, the following restaurant staff obtained their respective qualifications and are constantly striving to discover ways to enhance our service as well as our menu!

Akira Takahashi

Sake Sommelier
Junya Sasaki
Pengxiao Song

Shochu Sommelier
Hirotaka Miura

And, now, we are pleased to announce that two of our staff in Yunomachi have also achieved this goal for sake and whiskey: Naoya Ogawa and Kenta Utagawa. Ogawa received his Sake Sommelier license, while Utagawa reached a Level Three Whiskey Sommelier Status. Level One focuses on the world of whiskey in general, while Level Two explores American Whiskey in detail. Level Three examines Irish and Scottish whiskeys, including their history and distillieries. All three levels emphasize storytelling and public speaking skills.

In recognition of their efforts, we immediately posted their portraits and certificates in the sake and whiskey corner of the shop!

Both of them have a passion for wanting to make full use of this qualification so they can support customers in choosing a sake from the store. They also hope to develop products that they can recommend wholeheartedly.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions at all about sake or whiskey. We can’t wait to help you!

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