Beef tongue and carbonara

JulyBeef If you ever find yourself craving some western flavours during your stay at the Noboribetsu onsen resort, head to restaurant Poplar on the 1st floor of our Takimoto-inn. With their consistently delicious western dishes, it has become one of the local favourites for dining out. Not to mention, they have a few monthly lunch specials on offer that one simply should not look past.

The first monthly lunch special of July in the picture above is the “Ginger Flavoured Soy Sauce Beef Tongue, Served with Oxtail Gratin”.

With a slight twist of a Japanese taste by adding ginger and soy sauce, the beef tongue is tender and bursting with new flavours. The side dish of oxtail gratin is quite a rarity, but perfectly adds to the main offering. This course also comes with rice (versus bread), salad and soup. You are sure to finish your rice with such a savoury dish.

Julypasta For those who look for more carbohydrate packed dishes, this “Carbonara with Homemade Pancetta” would be just for you.

For those not familiar with pancetta, it is an Italian bacon made of pork belly meat. Pancetta is often salt cured and the flavour is enriched by a variety of spices – a perfect combination with the carbonara sauce. You simply cannot go wrong with this dish.

All the monthly lunch specials can be enjoyed with the “Yu-Ran Ticket” spa package, sold at Dai-ichi Takimotokan for JPY 2,500.

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