Be one with nature

image2 copy Shikotsu-Toya National Park has the closest proximity to Sapporo, which makes it the best location for a day trip out from the city. Noboribetsu onsen resort locates right within the national park, offering hot spring opportunities to day-trip travellers or short-term visitors.

To keep in line with the natural surroundings, we have designed our signage in a way that it would not stand out in the nature landscape. We paid special attention to the selection of colour and material for the signs. The usual colour choice would be green, and a popular choice of material would be wood.

image1 copy While a lot of first time visitors might find the signs difficult to spot, this is a small tribute we are paying to nature. We hope to show our gratitude this way and contribute what we can to protect and promote the beautiful sceneries of Japan.

Besides, is it not all the more fun to walk around town scavenger hunting? Why else the craze for Pokemon Go? 😉

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