Autumn Harvest Festival Begins

As autumn approaches, a tasty event comes, too, and that is the Takimoto Harvest Festival!

The Harvest Festival will be held from Saturday, September 15 through Wednesday, October 31, and the theme for this year is Obanzai or Kansai-style home cooking. We will prepare a limited menu of dishes using colorful seasonal ingredients at our dining rooms, Genshirin and Yukiguni.

Some of the dishes on the menu include:

• Hokkaido Potatoes, specifically a variety called Awakening of the Incas, among others
• Matsutake mushroom rice also called Kamameshi
• Hokkaido Saury Boiled with Red Plums
• Hokkaido Kasube (a kind of ray) Jelly
• Matsumaezuke, a pickle from Matsumae, a city on the southernmost tip of Hokkaido, made using dried squid, konbu, and herring roe mixed with julienned carrot and ginger. These are mixed with soy sauce, mirin, and sake and allowed to steep for a week before serving.
• Sanpeijiru, a Hokkaido specialty soup made with vegetables pickled in rice bran and fish boiled in a salty broth.
• Hokkaido Pumpkin Ice Cream

There are also a few special drinks we think go perfectly with these autumn dishes!

The drink menu includes:

• Tamanohikari Junmai Ginjo Sake Hiyaoroshi, an Autumnal seasonal sake
• Fleisher Riesling
• Ougon no Toumin (Hibernation of Gold), a potato shochu
• Strawberry Milk

We will also serve Pumpkin Milk during the Harvest Festival at Yunosato.

This is a cocktail made using pumpkin liqueur and is an especially delightful taste of the season.

Also, during the Harvest Festival, guests will receive a Takimaru Postcard with every purchase at Yunomachi, our gift shop. However, please keep in mind that the quantity is limited.

When making a reservation, we recommend choosing a specific dining plan. Please check our Harvest Festival reservation page for more information.

We look forward to seeing you here with family and friends for the Harvest Festival!

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