Autumn Festival Buffet

Starting on September 16, we began our Autumn Harvest Festival. We are excited to introduce the menu!

First, there are three kinds of Hokkaido potatoes available. They are so delicious when eaten with butter or mayonnaise!

Next, we are also serving a quintessential taste of autumn in Japan with this dish featuring generous amounts of mushrooms with chunks of deep fried tofu for a splash of color.

A third dish showcases autumn eggplant with togarashi (spicy Japanese peppers) in a tangy sauce that is a perfect companion for rice!

Another traditional taste of autumn in Japan is that of the sweet potato. Perfect on their own and lightly steamed with lemon, they remind of us of the full moon.

This adorable little bowl of seasonal goodness is made with rice dumplings, squash, and red beans. The colors of nama-fu (Japanese raw wheat gluten) on top remind us of autumn leaves.

This Ishikari soup, thick with salmon and vegetables, is a hearty welcome on these cool days. It warms up body and soul.

Autumn, of course, would not be autumn without the scent and sight of matsutake gohan. Our delicious rice is cooked with pieces of matsutake, a very aromatic and flavorful mushroom in season now, for a dish that brings everyone back for seconds!

Here in Hokkaido, our fields and forests are not so far from the sea, and one of our favorite fish, sanma (Pacific saury), is in season at the moment. Salted and grilled, it also goes well with rice.

Dessert this time of year is also something special, and we think sweet tooths everywhere will find our seasonal gelatos quite exciting, too! Azuki (red beans) and pumpkin, are two unique flavors we encourage you to try without hesitation.

We tried to put something of the season in every dish, and we hope you find it enticing. Our mouths were watering the whole time we did this photo shoot!

The Harvest Festival will run until October 31. Please come join us for this wonderful taste of autumn!

We also ask if you would share your impressions with us on the questionnaire placed at each table. Your thoughts, ideas, and opinions are very important to us!

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