August Lunch: Steamed Tuna Cheek Steak

Even though the weather here is always changing, both sunshine and the temperature have increased. Please take care of yourselves in order to avoid heat stroke.

We also hope that our August Lunch specials will inspire you to stop in and rest while fortifying yourselves for your next adventure in Hokkaido in the summer.

Steamed Tuna Cheek Steak
This central item of this dish consists of the two pieces of cheek meat from a tuna. (It is only possible to get two from a fish, so this dish is very special.) The texture is exactly like red meat; however, there is no oiliness, and it is easy to eat. The anchovy tomato sauce under the steak is delicious and matches the grain mustard splashed nearby. You can also enjoy a combination of tuna steak and tuna tataki (lightly roasted slices of tuna) with the steak. Please enjoy its lean and refreshing taste with the lightly steamed Morocco beans.

Homemade Quiche Lorraine
Quiche often appears in the repertoire of favorite French oven meals. We love it because we can use the best ingredients the season and region have to offer to satisfy our guests. This time, though, we imagined a quiche from the Lorraine region in France. Normally, this recipe calls for bacon, but we decided to use thin slices of pancetta instead. Combined with the other ingredients in this tasty homemade tart, we think it works very well and nicely balances the fresh salad on the side.

August Lunch Special

Steamed Tuna Cheek Steak
(Set meal includes rice, soup, and salad)
1,000 yen including tax
※ Bread may be substituted for rice.

Homemade Quiche Lorraine
(Set meal includes soup and salad)
800 yen including tax

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The Yu-Lunch Ticket, a set of bathing and onsen tickets, is also now available for 2,500 yen (tax included).

**Please be advised that during special holiday times, the Yu-Lunch Ticket may not be available.

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