April Lunch: Calbi Beef Teppanyaki

The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in the southern part of Japan in April, and on TV we are tracking the pink storm as it moves north. It will still be some time until it makes it to us in Hokkaido, but we are looking forward to it!

However, while we wait, we will keep our energy up in order to enjoy the remaining pleasures of winter with this month’s lunch specials.

Calbi Beef Teppanyaki
Named for the iron grill (teppan) used to prepare it, this dish draws out the natural flavors of the meat and vegetables. We use tender Calbi Beef for its rich flavor, and serve it on a bed of sliced onions with our special dipping sauce on the side. Served with rice, soup and salad, it is sure to satisfy!

Chicken and Vegetable Gratin
A perfect way to stave off late winter colds is our hearty Chicken and Vegetable Gratin. Flavorful domestic chicken is baked to perfection with a mix of seasonal vegetables and macaroni for a dish sure to warm body and soul. Served with soup and salad, it will keep the spring in your step until the cherry blossoms arrive!

April Lunch Specials
Calbi Beef Teppanyaki
(Set meal includes rice, soup, and salad)
1,000 yen including tax
※ Bread may be substituted for rice.

Chicken and Vegetable Gratin
(Set meal includes bread, soup and salad)
800 yen including tax

Takimoto Inn Restaurant Poplar
Lunch business hours 11:00 to 14:00
Noboribetsu Noboribetsu-cho, 76
TEL 0143-84-2205

The Yu-Ran is also now available for 2,500 yen (tax included), which is a set of bathing and lunch tickets.

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