A Very Special Remodel

We are excited to announce that this last week we finished renovating the Japanese and Western-style rooms in our Main Building. Here it is!

Renovation Point 1

We installed Simmons’ semi-double beds in the Western-style rooms to make sure our guests sleep in comfort. We also decided to add massage chairs so that you can relax your body completely.

Renovation Point 2

We also updated the washbasins, and we love how bright and tidy they look! We also added new showerheads, too.

Renovation Point 3

Our spacious 12-tatami mat, Japanese-style room has also had some changes. We redesigned the table and floor chair for a sleek modern look. We added a Dolce Gusto in each room, so you can enjoy a fragrant blended coffee, cappuccino or Uji green tea. Please come relax on our tatami!

The capacity for Western-style rooms is two people, and the capacity for the Japanese-style rooms is three people. We are also happy to say that children younger than elementary school age are now allowed to stay in these rooms even though they were not allowed to do so before. We hope to see you soon, so please make a reservation, and we will show you these great new rooms in person!

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