A Uniform Change

This November, as a new season begins, we decided to introduce new uniforms for our staff. It has been about twenty years since our last significant change to the uniforms, and over the years there have been a variety of colors and patterns. The new style combines traditional Japanese elements with more modern ones. We believe this is in keeping with the long history of our ryokan, and makes it even easier to bustle about getting our work done.

takimotokanfrontdeskstaff The first people to greet guests as they enter the lobby fulfill the same role that a banto-san (similar to a manager or head clerk) would have long ago. This is a very traditional way to welcome guests and put them at their ease. The uniforms for our front staff – a crisp blue jacket and simple yukata – are inspired by the banto-san’s traditional wear.

takimotokanfemalebath takimotokanmalebath The staff who help in the large bath have new uniforms that make it much easier to do their work making sure that everything is in order. Some of our regular guests have noticed the change and said they liked it!

takimotokangiftshopstaff Visitors to our gift shop will also see the staff in new uniforms that are trim, cheerful, and practical. Everyone wears sandals that are easy to slip on and off. Don’t they look nice and friendly?

takimotokanrestaurantstaff Ours always cheerful restaurant staff are also enjoying their new look. Two of them snuck into the photo in between tables, hence their aprons are still on. The charm is the same, even if the uniform has changed.

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