A Summer of Sake

1 This summer, our gourmet restaurant Yunosato will be offering three unique kinds of sake brewed from all over Japan. Each sake has an individual brewing method with its own distinct flavor. Let’s take a look at the three kinds that will be available. Don’t hesitate to try them all!

The first sake on offer, “Takasago Hon Jōzō Setchūchozō-shu Taisetsu”, originates from Asahikawa. This sake is traditionally brewed and stored in barrels during the snowy season. The sake produced this summer was stored in the beautiful rolling mountains of Bie-cho located at the center of Hokkaido. The result: a refreshing and mellow tasting sake, perfect for those hot and humid summer days.

Next up, we bring to you “Momokawa Sugi Tama Ginjō Junmainamachozōshu” from Aomori Prefecture. The brewing method involves two kinds of yeast sourced from Aomori and Momokawa. This unique method involves the sake being brewed and stored in a cool environment, which gives it its fruity aroma and refreshing taste. This one is ideal for those who prefer a more fruity punch to their liquor.

Last but not least, Hyogo prefecture brings you the delightful “Kikumasamune Junmaishu Kajou” known for its purity. Famed for its gorgeous aroma and fruity taste, this sake goes down easy. Not to forget the lingering after taste, which will make this drinking experience one to remember.

IMG_6435 All three types of sake are limited editions and not often seen in shops. What a rare opportunity to try them now! At the Dai-ichi Takimotokan gift shop, you can also find some mini barrels of sake to take home as souvenirs. We hope the engraving of our logo and cranes can remind you a beautiful time you have spent in Hokkaido!


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