A Kaleidoscope of Goldfish

In the last few days, Noboribetsu was hit by rain and fog. It was weather, we must say, that felt far from spring. Now, though, we are finally experiencing lovely warm sunshine perfect for exploring the area.

Now, I’d like to introduce a spot that is perfect for an outing!

Noboribetsu Marine Park Nixe

This place is already well known to those who are familiar with Noboribetsu Onsen as it is only a five-minute walk from Noboribetsu Station. It is a popular aquarium for their Penguin Parade and Dolphin Show as well as a wide variety of fish in the building with the Danish castle as a motif.

This spring they have some new attractions, which we are excited to share with our guests.

The first one is the Kaleidoscope of Goldfish.

Many people have already visited it at the end of April and during the course of Golden Week. The room itself is a kaleidoscope that people can and the goldfish swim in the dome-shaped tank in the middle. It is another fantastic display that makes our local aquarium unique.

It is certainly a space to shoot photos. According a person from the Marine Park, they had no idea the kaleidoscope would be so popular.

In addition, it seems that many overseas customers have visited the aquarium in recent years. It seems especially popular among those from China and Taiwan.

The main reason for that is good luck. For example, the red of goldfish is an auspicious color in China. Also, the word goldfish in Chinese is read as Jīnyú, which happens to be the same as the pronunciation for the word that means extra money. It is also interesting because in these cultures, round things such as the full moon or a round table are also considered very lucky. The Chinese word for satisfying finds its root here.

It seems that the Marine Park was not planned or designed with these things particularly in mind, but the goldfish kaleidoscope and its (unintentionally) lucky combination are said to be considered a kind of power spot for travelers from China. We just feel lucky that people from Japan and other cultures are able to enjoy it together.

The goldfish kaleidoscope is a permanent exhibit, so please be sure to visit it when you are here!

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