A Few Bath Area Renovations

Bit by bit, it is becoming warmer as spring approaches. It is getting warmer little by little, and the snow remaining in the mountains is getting less and less each day. It seems, too that most of the cars traveling by are using summer tires now. More and more people, too, are wearing lighter coats and jackets as we go out to enjoy the spring sunlight.

However, all of this makes us even more excited to see the cherry blossom season officially arrive here. We will be sure to tell all about it when it finally happens.

Meanwhile, though, we would like to tell about the recent renovation of our baths. Specifically, we made some changes to the dressing rooms in order to make it more convenient for our guests.

We have added a Children’s Play Corner with a cushioned floor near the elevator doors, so it is easier for families to keep their younger members happy while waiting to go in or to finish their bath.

There is also a new Service Counter where guests will receive their bath and face towels. We also placed sofas and benches near the service counter, so guests can have a comfortable place to meet and cool down after bathing. You can also order a glass of cold milk here, a traditional Japanese after-the-bath restorative!

Now, let’s take a peek at the Dressing Room!

Another reason, though, for establishing the Service Counter is in this locker! In the past, guests placed their belongings in a basket. However, in response to guest requests, we added lockers with keys and added some open lockers, too. We thought it would be useful both for keeping belongings secure and having a handy place for footwear.

We hope our guests will enjoy these new conveniences, and that it will make it even easier to simply wander over to the baths any time they like. They won’t even need to remember their towel since we have plenty at our new Service Counter.

Our hotel is 1500 tsubo (nearly 5,000 square meters) with a total of thirty-five male and female bathtubs always filled with an abundance of hot spring water. Please join us for Golden Week and a refreshing Spring bath. We will have towels and cool drinks ready!

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