A Feast of Spring Flavors

桜PolestarSpring is a great time to celebrate a lot of things. The warming days, the blooming flowers, and your awakening taste buds. This season, our gourmet chefs have prepared three special dishes for your enjoyment during the grand buffet, just in time for our one-year anniversary of the renovated dining halls.

These dishes below assemble the best ingredients of this season and showcase some specialities of the Hokkaido region. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Springtime Sushi Rolls
These sushi rolls will catch your eyes with their delicate toppings and the intriguing pink color. The rice used is well blended with red ginger, which adds another dimension of savor into the mix. Pink is a popular color for spring in Japan, as it resembles the lovely color of blooming cherry blossoms.


Grilled Sweet Onions
Freshly picked from the fields, sweet onions are the vegetable in season! On the other hand, Hokkaido is especially famous for the sweetness of its onions. Slowly grilled from the oven, this tender and juicy goodness is served with a butter flavored sauce. 


Eggs en Cocotte
You can count on this incredible egg dish to start your morning right. Baked in a ramekin, the eggs are served on mashed potatoes and with a hint of hollandaise sauce. The ratatouille on top then gives it a refined finish. Have this at our breakfast buffet. A piece of toast is the classic combination!


These spring specials will be available for our buffet menus till the end of May.

In addition, please do not hesitate to take a glass of Sakura Polestar sparkling wine with your meal. What compliments the spring dishes better than some edible cherry blossom enhanced spirits? After all, pink really is the new pink.


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